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When Judge Stoudt appointed me to County Commissioner Precinct 3, you recall he said “I’d be getting a drink from a fire hose”. Well he was right! But with his confidence, your support, and the help of fellow Commissioners and Court House personnel, my learning curve has been less steep and very enjoyable.

Are you ready? The Republican 2012 March Primary is one year away and “my hat is in the ring”. I wanted you to be the first people to know that I will be running for a full term as Gregg County Commissioner, Pct. 3.

I bring a taxpayer/businessman’s point of view to the Commissioner’s position. I have and will continue to look at all operations at Pct. 3 in that light. Changes already implemented in eliminating one position will save some $30,000.00, and we are in the process of selling excess equipment that should return approximately $50,000.00 to the county general fund.

To begin my campaign I’ve committed personal money, and my dad, G.W “Chub” Boyd is serving as my treasurer.

To win I need your help. First I humbly ask for your vote. Second, I ask if I can use your name on my supporters list. Your response to this email will give me permission to do so, and I encourage you to enlist family and friends as well. Your e-mail and contact information will be invaluable as the campaign unfolds.

Again, Thank- you for the support and encouragement, and I look forward to serving you.



Gregory Abbott
Susan Abbott
Amber Abell
James Abell
Colt Ables
Andy Adams
Brandon Adams
Cynthia Adams
Don Adams
Francis Adams
Jenni Adams
Kathy Adams
Johnny Adamson
Nadine Adamson
Ada Alexander
Howard Alexander
Johnny Allen
Melody Ansley
Tom Ansley
Mike Anthony
Susie Anthony
John Assunto
Terry Assunto
Mike Austell


Micheal Baggett
Johnny Bagley
Lynette Bagley
Allen Bales
Dan Ballanger
JW Barber
Laramie Barber
Vicki Barber
Brandon Bartley
Brett Bartley
Bill Bass
Mark Bass
Mike Bassham
Mike Bassham
Peggy Bassham
Sharon Bates
Dr. Joe Baucom
Bobby Beane
Jacki Beane
Mike Beane
Sally Beane
Bonnie Beasley
Jewel Beasley
Ginger Becker
Ken Becker
Jamie Bell
Steven Best
Brian Bittick
Ellen Bittick
Barbara Bodle
Ben Bodle
Beth Bolding
Bo Bolding
Evelyn Bolding
Jeff Bolding
Lloyd Bolding
Sylvia Bolding
Tami Bolding
Helen George Bolt
Beverly Borders
Dereck Borders
Tulley Borders
Racheal Boudreaux
William Boudreaux
Tommy Bowles
Jerry Boyce
Baby Doll Boyd
Becky Boyd
G.W. Boyd
Grant Boyd
Kristy Boyd
Troy Boyd
Ronnie Boyles
Mrs. Zach Brady
Zach Brady
Bill Brantley
Rita Brantley
Ann Brogoitti
Randy Brogoitti
Clint Brogotti
Charlotte Brown
Frank Brown
Kelly Brown
Sue Brown
Stacey Bryce
Regina Bull
Rexine Burden
Roy Burden
Bill Burks
Judy Burns
Robert Burns
Bob Bustin
Sally Bustin
Bill Bybel


Carol Calberley
Dan Calberley
Ginger Callens
Mark Calvit
Tracie Calvit
Bo Camp
Carmen Camp
Glenn Camp
Jerry Camp
Joel Camp
Ruth Anne Camp
Sarah Camp
Sharon Camp
Angela Capps
Tim Capps
Dennis Cargill
Derek Cargill
Joe Carrington
Michelle Carrington
Barbara Caster
Bob Caster
Mendy Castiglione
Dr. Franco Ciebele
Margaret Ciebele
Lani Laird Clark
Jackie Clayton
Vicky Clayton
Amy Clements
Courtney Clements
Jody Clements
Michael Clements
Jimmie Climer
Otis Cochran
Gary Coffey
Howard Coghlan
Mark Cole
Mrs. Mark Cole
Peggy Colley
Phillip Colley
Brenda Collins
Candee Collins
Greg Collins
Sam Collins
Nell Compton
Karen Conner
Mike Conner
Tom Conner
Tom Conners
Jack Coombs
Diana Coston
Caryn Couch
Travis Couch
Deana Covin
David Covnet
Sissy Covnet
Cindy Cowan
Coila Cox
Kim Cox
Bill Sr. Crouch
Billy Crouch
Gladys Crouch
Jim Crouch
Bart Crowley
Lila Currin
Lynn Currin


Brett Daigle
Jenny Daigle
Jimmy Damuth
Debbie Dane
John Darby
Leah Darby
Bob Davis
Holly Davis
Virginia Davis
Nancy DeBerry
Tom DeBerry
Richard Deceault
Oscar Dent
Hon. Walter Derrick
Billy DeShazer
Janie Dickerson
John Dickerson
Leon Dodgen
Ruby Dodgen
Harry Douglas
Mary Layne Douglas
Rev. Buddy Duggins
Buffy Dyess
David Dyess


Randy Earley
Becky Eaton
Cheryl Eaton
Scott Eaton
Cindy Edmonds
Ron Edmonds
Janie Edmonds
Don Ellis
Mike Engleman
Diane Eubanks
Wayne Eubanks


George A. Faber
Irene Farrar
Kelvin Farrar
Leonard Farrar
Tonya Farrar
Cheryl Ferguson
Jackie Ford
Mallory Ford
Megan Ford
Melanie Ford
Judith Foster
Murray Foster
Gene Fout
Jackie Fout
Paul Franklin
Robert Franklin
Stephanie Franklin
Bobby Frazier
Kath Frazier
Linda Frazier
Carol Freeman
Mart Freeman
Carol French
Gayla Fry


Bobby Gaines
Kendall Gaines
Larry Gaines
Hon. Lou Galosy
Susan George
Terry George
Pete Godfrey
Shelly Godfrey
Joe Golden
Chad Gorman
Leah Gorman
James Gray
Jeremy Gray
Kim Gray
Taylor Gray
Mark Greene
Tami Greene
Trey Grim
Wendy Grim
Max Grimes
Gail Grisham


Billie W. Hale
Charlie Hale
Glynda Hale
Marvin Hall, III
Marion Hansard
Teddy Hansard
Kelley Haralson
Sheila Haralson
Chelina Hardee
Jeff Hardee
Ben Hardin
Ruthi Hardin
Debbie Harris
Ginger Harris
J.D. Harris
Judy Harris
Linda Harris
Maryanne Harris
Randy Harris
Robert Harris
Tim Harris
Gary Harrison
Chandy Harrison
Bill Harvey
Bob Harvey
Debbie Harvey
Troy Harvey
Jennifer Hattaway
Trey Hattaway
Alice Haynes
Ronnie Hearn
Carolyn Hearne
Nick Hearne
Danette Hedrick
John Heffner
Marvilyn Heffner
Jason Heffner
Danette Heffner
Nora Hefland
James Heil
Mary Heil
Tammy Heismeyer
Patsy Henderson
Sheroa Hennigan
Stephanie Hennigan
Stephanie Hennigan
Brad Henson
Denise Henson
Nora Lee Heyland
Marvin Hillhouse
Robbie Nell Hiltzman
Bill Holda
Scotti Holda
Steve Holmes
Janette Holt
A.D. Hudgens
Edna Hudgens
Connie Hudson
Virginia Hudson
Cindy Hull
Valin Hunter
Mark Hurtubise
Renea Hurtubise


Mavis Jackson
Jenny Johns
Ken Johns
Brian Johnson
Cecil Johnson
Linda Johnson
Mark Johnson
Natalie Johnson
Ruth M. Johnson
Eula Johnston
Vicky Jones
Welton Jones
Louie Jordan
Dickie Joyner
Jerry Ann Jurenka
Ron Jurenka


Dodie Keiser
Pete Keiser
Gore Kemp
Barbara Kenna
John Kenna
Ronnie Kent
Dr. Brian King
Tina King
Randy King
Donald Kinsey
Janie Kinsey
Jimmy Kinsey
Karl Koelker
Sharon Krantz
Cindy Kulak
John Kulak
Charles Kunkle
Vernie Kunkle


Clarence Laird
Kit Laird
Kynan Laird
Libby Laird
Stoney Dean Lake
Christi Langley
Dr. Clark Langley
Howard Langley
Chris Lassiter
Stephanie Lassiter
G.A. Lawless
Fay Ann Leach
Jack Lebus
Roland Ledet
Anna Lester
Russ Lester
Jo Little
Phillip Little
Ruby Lloyd
John Lockman
Sherry Lockman


Roy Maeger
Daniel Marley
Janet Marley
Brian Marsh
Kelly Marsh
Carolyn Martin
Margaret Martin
Ruben Martin
Travis Martin
Mack Mason
Maurita Mason
Barbara Matthews
Mike Matthews
Bill Maxwell
Billie Ann Maxwell
Brenda Maxwell
Jo Maxwell
Bill Maxwell
Brenda Maxwell
Mayor Rick May
Mrs. Rick May
Cecil Mayo
Joey McAlister
Sherry McAlister
Don McClendon
Debbie McFarlin
Kevin McFarlin
Glenn McKenzie
Joe McKinney
Linda McKinney
Jean McLaurin
Vernon Melton
A.P. Merritt
Suzie Merritt
Dean Miller
Diann Miller
Doris Miller
Jim Miller
Kathy Miller
Doris Miller
Dr.Mark Miller
Billie Mims
Billy Mims
Bill Mishkind
Cecelia Mitchell
Dan Mitchell
James Mitchell
Stelvin Mitchell
Claire Mizell
Dana Mizell
Betty Mobley
Tom Mobley
Carl Mohn
Jeanette Mont
Scott Montgomery
Randy Morris
Stella Morris
Bill Morton
Mrs. Bill Morton
Gregg Moulton
Gale Myers
Patricia Myers


Christopher Nelson
Gen Nelson
Cheryl Nix
Keith Nix
Marty Nix
Ron Nix
Mattie Florene Nixon
Lance Noll


Corine Odom
Larry Odom
Sandra Odom
Scott Owens


Helen Padgett
James Padgett
Richard Parrish
Danny Patterson
Nicki Patterson
Mary D Pattillo
Henry Patton
Lee Payton
Molly Payton
Charley Peck
Barbara Phillips
Dan Phillips
Francye Phillips
Glenn Phillips
Jack Phillips
Terry Pickard
Francis Poage
Ralph Poage
Jo Poteet
Vic Price
Beth Price
Brad Provenance
Renee Pullen
Chrissa Purcell


Larry Quinlan


Glenda Raines
Jerry Raines
Sandra Rawlings
Tony Raymond
Genia Rector
Scooter Rector
Ellen Reid
Katie Reid
Randy Renshaw
Earl Richardson
Robin Richardson
John Riley
Kathy Riley
Terry Roach
Charlotte Robbins
Chris Roberson
Chuck Roberts
Ima Roberts
Teresa Roberts
Willie Roberts
Larry Robertson
Starlit Robertson
James Robinson
Mary Robinson
Barbara Roper
Mont Roper
Suzanne Roper
Lisa Ross
Janet Rowden
Norman Rowden
Ralph Rudy
Joe Russell
King Russell
Darla Rutland
Jimmy Rutland


Linda Sartor
Tom Sartor
Phyllis Schleier
Rob Schleier
Debbie Schroeder
Donna Schroeder
Mandy Schroeder
Michael Schroeder
Ty Sharpe
Angelo Sherlock
Hennigan Sheroa
J.D. Shipp
Donna Shupe
Robert Shupe
Cindy Silvey
Wade Silvey
Ricky Simmons
Kristi Simpson
Mike Simpson
Mike Simpson
Kristi Simpson
James Singletary
Dale Sistrunk
Lawana Sistrunk
J.C. Small
Stephanie Small
Steven Small
Betty Smart
Ken Smart
Bill Smiley
Ouida Smiley
Brandon Smith
Denny Smith
Jimmy Smith
Randy Smith
William Smith
Cheryl Smith
Mickey Smith
Cal Sparks
Cheryl Sparks
Jennifer Sparks
LaTane Spear
Maxine Spinks
David Spinks
Sondra Spinks
Bruce Stanton
Judy Stanton
Jerrod Starkey
Donna Stephens
John Stephens
Dr. Opel Stewart
Colene Stidam
Tommy Stidham
James Stovall
Lanny Sullins
Shelia Sullins
Christy Sullivan
Mark Sullivant
Tammy Sullivant
Donnie Sullivent
Milton Sullivent
Luther Swan
Jacob Swanson


Dean Taliaferro
Mary Lou Taliaferro
John Paul Tallant
Joy Tate
Charlotte Taylor
David Taylor
Doris Taylor
James Taylor
John Taylor
Kim Taylor
Kim Taylor
Amber Taylor
Kathie Lou Tehan
Walter Tehan
Bill Terrell
Janie Terrell
Ed Theiman
Ann Thrower
Terry Thrower
Russell Tompkins
Doc Turk
Alex Tyra


Donna Van Meter
Steve Van Meter
Scott & Koren Vancil
Tim Vaughn
Amy Vaulin
Billy Vernon
Vicky Vetrano


Bluford Waites
Ricky Wallace
Claude Wallace
Virginia Wallace
Jack Ward
Scott Ward
Carrie Warlick
Leo Warlick
Mike Warlick
Mrs. Leo Warlick
Travis Warlick
Vicky Warlick
William Warlick
Carrie Warlick
Bea Washburn
T.J. Washburn
Ben Wells
Harold Wells
Linda Wells
Linda Wells
Dorthy Wheat
Harold Wheat
Patsy Whipple
Charles Whiteside
Joanne Whiteside
Karen Whiteside
Debbie Wilkerson
Brian Williams
Carolyn Williams
Gary Williams
Jack Williams
Jay Steven Williams
Kristi Williams
Linda Williams
Liz Ann Williams
Peggy Williams
Phyllis Williams
Scott Williams
Steve Williams
Keith Willkerson
Clyde Willoughby
Katelyn Willoughby
Sam Willoughby
Tami Willoughby
Toni Willoughby
Charlie Wilson
Sharon Wilson
Becky Witherspoon
Toby Witherspoon
Carolyn Wood
Charles Wood
Diane Wood
Jacki Wood
Larry Woodfin
Nelda Woodfin
Paige Woodfin
Steve Woodfin
Buddy Woolley
Pat Wray
Martha Wright
Kevin Wyatt
Shannen Wyatt
Jan Wylie
Folton Wynn


Kay Yates
Wilbur Yates
Mike York
Sammy York
Cherisa York


John Zapata
Kim Zapata
Trinie Zapata

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